More than that, Alexander has created a delightful live-performance space called The Vault in the small town of Berlin, NJ, about 20 miles from Center City Philadelphia and even closer to the site of the original Victor Talking Machine Co. We sat down with Alexander to learn more about his multi-faceted operation. We need to go back to the Nineties to tell your story. So it seemed there was a revival in public interest. So a couple decades later you came upon an opportunity that ultimately led to the acquisition of several iconic brands. Tell us about what I imagine to be an exciting expedition. In short, I saw the music industry break — and watched a beautiful model that had given careers to a lot of musicians and writers absolutely collapse. Who can blame them? Also see this video interview.

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He is portrayed by Ed Westwick. They marry in the series finale. He is best friends with Nate Archibald.

CARING FOR ANTIQUE COMMUNICATION DEVICES Phonographs, radios, telephones, and other communication devices Provides information and encourages communication for antique phonographs and records. Antique Phonograph Monthly Archives East 17th Street Brooklyn, NY Johnson Victrola Museum Bank & New Street Dover, DE ()

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A group of visiting senior citizens gathered around the wooden horn of the year-old music player stepped back, obviously surprised by the power of the sound. Previously sedate, the group’s members became animated. One clapped her hands in unexpected delight. A third’s face stretched into a quiet smile at the operatic beauty of the nostalgic performance. For the next twenty minutes, as they listened to more songs on hand-cranked players, the visitors repeatedly interrupted the exhibit narrator to tell their own stories about how their grandparents and great aunts used these same machines to fill their living rooms with joy and their family members’ heads with memories.

You could just feel that this exhibit wanted to sing. Snyder and other Society staffers cleaned and repaired the machines, rummaging through the Historical Society’s storage areas to locate original replacement parts, needles, records and cylinders. And we have boxes and boxes of old records we haven’t even catalogued yet. These are the original records and cylinders playing on the original machines.

This is the real Photo: Hoag Levins In the foreground, left, is a Edison table Model 5 wax cylinder-playing phonograph in perfect operational condition. The museum has five wax cylinder recordings in their original containers right and is looking for more.

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The name “Victrola” came from the early console phonographs first marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company in Many of RCA Victrola’s reissues included recordings from the historic RCA Victor “Living Stereo” series first released in , using triple channel stereophonic tapes from as early as There were also some first stereo releases of recordings that had previously been available only in monaural versions.

For several years, Victrola released both stereophonic and monaural versions of many albums.

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I had to scratch my head and re-READ the price tag. Just how far back did that piece of linen and others a lot like it date back to? Way back then I seem to remember there was a popularity for antique linens, tea towels, lawn-cotton garments to be given the Nestea plunge back in the 80s, thus ruining the antique fabric while destroying any re-sell value it might have had otherwise in future terms.

And some were a dollar per linen. I know, I know… [sighs]. And several times I have done that very thing. Going back to the Victorian era again! Yeah, it was like that more than likely with these huck towels or pretty close. Before I returned to purchase anymore huck towels as always I did some research to inform myself the prospective shopper. Antique huck towels can be simple, ornate, extravagant and embellished with cut-out designs, needle work, etc.

They can have knotted fringe on the end or hemmed.


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Jun 29,  · The Victrola: Great-Grandpa’s iPod June 29, October 10, / pres_farmington Before iPods, there were CD players, and before that came records, record players, and the Victrola, the great-grand-daddy of phonograph history.

Collections Management Timeline This brief historic time-line illustrates major events in the recorded sound industry, from the birth of the recorded sound in , to the merger of the two recording industry giants Columbia and Victor Records in under their parent companies Sony and Bertelsmann Music Group while TowerRecords files for bankruptcy. The intent is to visually represent sound onto soot-covered paper.

Not reproducible by analog means, these “phonautograms” would be successfully played back in via digital imaging, dating the first true sound recordings to July Invention of the Phonograph Thomas Edison’s work on a telephone transmitter and the keyboard telephone inspires him to make sketches for device that will both record and play back sound impulses engraved onto tinfoil.

Some months later, John Kruesi, an Edison-employed machinist builds the first tinfoil phonograph, based on Edison’s sketches. A verse of “Mary had a little lamb” is reportedly the first phonograph recording to be made and played back. In early , Edison sells his manufacturing and sales rights to the Edison Speaking Phonograph company and turns his attention to the electric light bulb.

Responding to the Volta developments, Edison returns his attention to phonograph research in late Shortly thereafter, a disc replaced the cylinder. The local subsidiary companies shift from dictation to entertainment through the use of automatic coin-slot machines and parlors.

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Saturday, 30 December ; numbers listed! They then rewrote the lyricsfor use in the film “Manhattan Melodrama. Having moved to Indiana in , Monroe and friend Larry Moore formed The Monroe Brothers, first playing local dances, but later moving to radio. The group disbanded in and Monroe formed the Blue Grass Boys.

If you grew up in the s, you probably remember playing your favorite 45 rpm disc recordings on an automatic record player. It seemed as if everyone had one — or wanted one! Now you can relive the history of those records with the big center hole and the fabulous machines that played them — both highly prized by collectors today. Read about the trials and tribulations of the engineers and.

Identifying Victor Products Note: To date and get an idea of rarity of a Victor Product, please read this page carefully, and then click the “Product Information” link at the bottom of the page! If you have already read and understand this information, click here to skip this page. Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified.

Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult. The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases. Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard for machines with lids , on the side of the phonograph for most external horn and lidless models , or under the turntable for low-priced and some portable models of the 20’s.

The turntable must be lifted straight up and off the motorboard to view some plates. Every dataplate contains both a model identification stamped on the left and a serial number on the right. Every model has an individual serialization. Most dataplates will appear similar to the pictures below: The model number is shown first, followed by a serial number. On the leftmost plate above, the model is a “VV-XI” and the serial number is ” “.

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Could you talk about a couple of moments that were highlights for you? Johnny Cash and June Carter, partners in art and life. When I married June Carter, March 1, My son was born March 3, My induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is the ultimate for a country singer, in They recognized my Rockabilly roots, I suppose.

The Victor Company managed to acquire virtually all of the original brands associated with Victor’s first 50 years in Camden, including, but not limited to, His Master’s Voice, Camden Records, Little Nipper, Victrola, Bluebird Records, and Victor.

Ultimate Phonograph Bibliography Short bibliography of phonographic references. This list is not all-inclusive. Your local library may have some journals and books that may be of some use. The following books will help get you started: American Association of Museums. The Official Museum Directory, updated annually , R. Bunis, Marty and Sue Bunis. The collector’s guide to antique radios:

A Restored Victor III Phonograph