Written by Dipolelo Moime on April 25, Johannesburg, South Africa Technology has and still continues to play a vital role in the development and advancement of African economies at large. Technology is constantly reinforcing regional trends in business, investment, opportunities and modernisation, which accelerates globalisation in developing countries. Africa has at least separate tech hubs which have sprung up in the last few years. These hubs have consistently made headlines in their effort to bring or rather accelerate technology businesses to the grassroots level. These innovations birthed Kenya as the Silicon Valley of innovation in Africa. Now, Kenya is known to all as the Silicon Savannah. The Rise of Silicon Savannah Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, has transformed into a technology epicentre. An agile mobile banking system has created new market opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. Silicon Savannah has positioned itself as an epicentre of startup weekends, innovations meet ups, accelerators, incubator events and investors get together. We should give credit to the following 3 intertwined factors that has positioned and transformed Nairobi as the Silicon Savannah, mimicking Silicon Valley in California, USA:

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley

And when existing businesses shut down oftentimes they are not replaced. As business owners in Kansas grow older like the rest of the country , many desire to retire and sell their companies. Unfortunately, many of these would-be sellers—particularly the ones in the more rural parts of the state—are having a hard time attracting good buyers, let alone brokers to represent them. Best of all — the matchmaking service is free.

Doug Funk, for example, has run his pharmacy in Concordia, Ks. Unfortunately, Funk found it tough to hire a traditional business broker, who tend to stick to larger, more populated areas.

MatchMaking may be phased to maximize results, for example Phase 1: Match startups with carriers and sponsors Phase 2: Match startups with carriers, sponsors and Tier 1 vendors The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. Web site design and development by

Wed, Aug 6, , 3: Some venture capitalists joke they can peer into the offices of startups they are funding from across the street. Photo by Arden Pennell. See more photos On occasion, businessman Eric Benhamou forgets where he is. Sitting under a row of clocks labeled “Palo Alto,” “Paris” and “Tel Aviv” at his Cowper Street office, the long-time investor in Israeli businesses often conducts video conference calls. While speaking with executives abroad, Benhamou’s sense of place wavers, he said.

The conference rooms look the same, the entrepreneurs are equally passionate on either side of the ocean, and the time slips by. Never more so than right now, according to observers in Silicon Valley and Israel. As the Middle Eastern nation’s high-tech economy grows — developing a venture-capital engine resembling the United States’ and a crop of business-minded young technologists — the exchange between here and there is growing.

The Israeli consulate estimates about 40, natives are living on Valley soil. Israelis come to Silicon Valley seeking access to investors and America’s mighty, million-consumer marketplace. In return, they bring technical expertise often honed during military service and the “I can do it better” attitude many Israelis say is inherent to their culture.

An elite ecosystem of entrepreneurs.

Her name is Krista and she is an amazing woman. We share a lot of the same likes and dislikes as well as activities. We are both avid golfers, which is what we did for our 3rd date.

May 28,  · Many successful Silicon Valley professionals don’t have the time for online dating, so some have turned to a traditional matchmaker.

Those born in close proximity to the southern San Francisco Bay Area region can build local contacts organically just from being there. Meanwhile, budding entrepreneurs elsewhere in the world may expend considerable resources just trying to get a foot in the door. The startups generally pay to be there, or at least are sponsored by their home government to go. How do you get through the noise, unless you know someone? It has the connections if you have the talent, and a little bit of money.

While local startups may already have the connections, visitors from abroad need a soft landing spot, somewhere to sit and work while in town, and US MAC can help set such things up.

Marin matchmaking firm targets niche market: Wealthy single men

Share Dating in any dense metropolitan area can seem like a herculean challenge, but try doing it in tech-savvy Silicon Valley, where scoring a date may be relatively easy, but cementing a relationship can be more difficult than raising another round of venture capital. While smartphone dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and The League have taken off since the iPhone launched in , Andersen has established a successful business that seems downright counterintuitive, shirking complex algorithms for old-fashioned matchmaking.

One of her more recent successful VIP matches: The couple, who married after only a few dates, welcomed their first child last year. Real-life interaction View photos This April, Andersen hosted a Linx dating event in downtown San Francisco with 50 or so clients and single friends.

Matchmaking. Our platform and matchmaking process ensures an ideal fit with your team, both technically and culturally. Work with a Silicon Valley start-up from top Canadian cities. Your dream job, in some of the world’s best places to live. MobSquad brings the .

Working with a matchmaker is much more efficient than taking time to sift through profile after profile and text back and forth until you manage to secure a date. Our high-end database is comprised of single people that are not found on dating apps. Dating the wrong person can waste your time, energy, and money. Why not do everything you can to prevent this from happening to you?

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But singles who signed on with a matchmaking service offering connections to other locals say they wound up with dateless, despite paying thousands of dollars up front for the chance to meet other lonely hearts. She tells NBC Bay Area that she liked the fact that the company touted itself as a personal and local dating service, as well as the success stories she heard during a required orientation. Matchmakers worked with her by phone from a Sacramento office, and her matches were terrible, she says.

Have you looked at my profile? Both of these services are actually run by one company called Brotherton Holding s located in Broken Arrow, OK, which has a slew of nearly identical sites:

Access Silicon Valley is ultimately my attempt to provide access to all of those resources that I never had access to as an entrepreneur, which I believe can significantly contribute to the long term success of a .

Email Copy Link Copied Silicon Valley, an area located outside the Bay area of California, has been synonymous with technology and innovation since the nineties. During this time this area has had its ups and downs, plenty of startup success stories as well as major expansions. How has it impacted the area, the people and the software industry? Apparently quite a bit, as we are about to learn… Here are 15 interesting facts about Silicon Valley area, companies and those live there.

Once an area for farming with few residents, it was an earthquake and a school named Stanford University that would begin brining technological research to the area. Fred Terman was a member of the Stanford faculty and is known as the father of Silicon Valley due to his support and guidance of Bill Hewlett and David Packard, a duo he encouraged to start their own company.

Transistors were also being developed and since silicon was widely available, that was used to create the transistors, hence the “silicon” part of Silicon Valley, a term used in when Don C. Hoefler published a number of articles on the area. It stuck, and as companies flocked to the area to innovate it became a name that represents opportunity and innovation. These techies need to get it on just like everyone else.

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October 5, Call closes: During its pilot phase, NearUS proposes a variety of services for researchers and entrepreneurs. Services will target various, commercially viable technology maturity levels: The pilot services will be offered separately in specific calls. This first Innovation Tour is open to EU Member States and Associated Countries [1] early stage entrepreneurs, researchers, research organizations, and clusters looking for market information, partners, investment opportunities and feedbacks for their ICT and ICT Convergence innovations.

Join us to discover the Silicon Valley and its surroundings next January ,

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Which steps should an event manager take to facilitate effective networking? Linda shares her experience! The telecom industry in Silicon Valley includes over telecom companies, employs over , people, and has attracted more than twice the investment dollars than any other region in the US in We are talking about a pretty substantial business in that innovative region! What is the concept of your event?

Who are you reaching out to primarily? Telecom Council meetings throughout the year present startups to innovation scouts mostly from US, Asian and European telcos but at TC3 we go beyond our normal boundaries, with telco representatives from around the globe and more emphasis on the telcos presenting their priorities for the coming year to the startup community. Because we attract so many influencers from the telcos, having facilitated meetings for our delegates adds huge value to our event.

It allows us to go beyond serendipity and ensures that the conversations that take place between innovator and telco are focused and relevant. Which pitfalls should a planner avoid? Positioning Converve as a value add to the event and getting the delegates to buy in to the matchmaking process is essential.

Matchmaking for Brands and Bloggers

Submissions relating to business and politics must be sufficiently within the context of technology in that they either view the events from a technological standpoint or analyse the repercussions in the technological world. Please do not submit the following: Articles with supporting image and video content are allowed; if the text is only there to explain the media, then it is not suitable. A good rule of thumb is to look at the URL; if it’s a video hosting site, or mentions video in the URL, it’s not suitable.

Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest etc.

Exhibitor Matchmaking Press Release. For Immediate Release. Contact: Tony Livoti, , is located just 30 miles southwest of Silicon Valley and is home to over 30 different organizations leading the world in marine science research and development that are all located in the Monterey Bay.

From the children with autism and ADHD she worked with as a special education teacher to the students she has counseled as an academic advisor, her mission has been clear: Figure out what each child needs to succeed and then find a way to make that happen. Career-long dedication to education Haghparast started her teaching career in She ran family education courses for parents of children with behavioral and educational challenges, which led her to a job as an academic counselor at Hadah High School and College in her native Tehran, Iran.

She was soon promoted to vice principal in charge of administrative academic affairs, where she directed the admissions and recruitment department. It was here that she got her first glimpse into the challenges students face when trying to get into the schools of their choice. Haghparast then moved to Dubai, where she became a special education teacher working with children who have autism, ADHD and other learning challenges.

She developed a math and literacy program specific to the needs of her students and helped meet their social and emotional needs as well. From there, she was hired as student counselor at the Canadian University of Dubai.

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FinovateSpring features an add-on Summit Day on May 7 to take a deeper dive into these two topics. Take a deeper dive into artificial intelligence and the customer experience. Hear case studies and get advice and insights on the impact they have on your business.

See all updates Take Matrimony. Its shares began trading this week. It runs odd websites in 15 languages, catering to different castes and religions. Or you can pay for features like instant chat or a colourful border around your profile to ensure the algorithm returns you as a top search result. Such a long list of options means that finding a match on the web can be time-consuming and tedious. Predictably, many also complain that online profiles often do not reflect reality.

Outright fakes remain a scourge. And no amount of artificial intelligence can yet identify what will make two youngsters click. Spouseup, a south Indian startup, is undaunted.

Bumble founder: What’s wrong with the growing trend in Silicon Valley called ‘brogramming’