Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: I mean they start of “hating” each other at the beginning of the season which then turns into an enemies-with-benefits relationship: L However, Chuck tells Blair he loves her by mistake and then they decide to get back together. They later break up because of their future plans but both declare that their love will eventually bring them back together. Butttttttt Blair gets engaged to a Prince and Chuck gets jealous. However, in the season finale Chuck and Blair crash a bar mitzvah and end up making love. Blair is about to break things off with Louis the prince when Chuck interrupts and says that he gives them his blessing.

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Chuck and Blairs short-lived peace treaty leads to their steamiest moment ever on Gossip Girl. Do you need a moment to compose yourself? We think youll agree with us. Are you glad Chuck and Blair finally hooked up? Blair does it again to Chuck when she finds out Chuck set her up to sleep.

Thanks to Vevmo user rudyg, I have an update to this. Charlie Dordevich from Real World: San Diego is living in Seattle. He is a sales manager of an information technology company.

But, after re-watching the series four times, I have deemed myself an expert, and my expertise tells me there is no possible way Dan Humphrey can be gossip girl. There are hard facts in several of the episodes proving this point. Season 1, Episode 6: Season 1, Episode Dan not only looks like he is going to vomit when Jenny shows him the post, but also comes to the realization that he loves her at the surprising thought of her being pregnant.

Season 2, Episode 1: First off, Dan is angry when he sees Nate and Serena kissing at the White Party a hoax that got all of us a little too excited. If Dan were actually Gossip Girl, the power move would be to release that the relationship is a cover-up, rather than to draw attention to it. Season 2, Episode 3:

How Gossip Girl became TV’s coldest teen soap

Gossip girl blair and chuck first hook up All campus chapters And then there are like a thousand twists that include drugs, blackmail, and payments, and it ends with blair falling asleep on dan. After realizing she still had feelings for chuck, blair and chuck. Has been analyzed by every possible metric: Serena begins to suspect in trip, when thank nate, discovers that.

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Edit Blair and Dan start out as enemies in the first season. Blair tells Dan that Serena slept with Nate Archibald , then ran away and lied about it. After this, their only interactions are usually when Serena is involved. They get on slightly better terms after Dan talks to Blair after she is humiliated by her mother and Serena Bad News Blair. Edit In the second season, they still stick to interacting only when Serena is involved. However, Dan begins to dislike Blair more when he learns she started the rumor he was sleeping with Rachel Carr in Carrnal Knowledge.

When Blair is rejected from Yale due to an anonymous tip that she hazed a teacher, she blames Dan for tipping them off, but he later tells her it was Rachel The Age of Dissonance. Later, Serena brings Blair to Dan to talk her into telling Chuck Bass how she really feels about him. He convinces her to take a chance and do it, until Vanessa Abrams admits to him that Blair and Chuck recently used her as a pawn in one of their games.

Still wanting to be queen but feeling she’s losing to Georgina, she asks Dan to take her to Georgina’s rooftop party. He does, but Blair embarrasses Georgina and invites everyone to go to a bar with her. Over Blair’s games, Dan announces it was a set up to get Blair more popularity and tells everyone to stay and party with him, which they do The Freshmen.

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Serena is banished from the Waldorf apartment for her part in the reveal of Blair’s diary, she then retaliates by trying to seduce Dan with the help of Blair’s minions. Nate asks Lola to move in with him, but she turns him down when she tells him that her acting group is going on tour. Meanwhile at the Shephard divorce party, Serena and Dan have sex, but when Dan learns she videotaped their encounter just to hurt Blair, he furiously leaves.

Elsewhere, Lily chooses to annul her marriage to Rufus, since her marriage to Bart is still valid. Lola receives her share of the Van der Woodsen estate from her biological father, William Van der Woodsen, and also learns that Lily intentionally sabotaged Carol’s defense in court to keep her imprisoned as well as destroyed Ivy’s case in order to keep Cece’s wealth all for herself. Blair accepts an offer from Eleanor to take over her fashion company.

Created by Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland. With Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke. An animated series that follows the exploits of a super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson.

Email CW Ten years ago this week, one of the coldest and most nihilistic teen soap operas ever made premiered on The CW. It was a series about a group of wealthy private school teenagers living on the Upper East Side, designed to be slick, trashy fun in the vein of its predecessor The OC. It was not meant to be a chilly ode to power and how it makes wealth and sex and love synonymous.

Gossip Girl may have begun as a show full of beautiful, wealthy somethings with perfect hair pretending to be high schoolers in designer uniforms, getting into sexy shenanigans and then crying and group-hugging as they remembered the power of friendship. But by its final seasons, it was about how extreme wealth makes all relationships transactional, and how all romantic relationships are based in exploitation. Watching his takeover is a case study in the dangers of letting a single character consume a narrative — and in the deep, subliminal attractions that white male wealth and power can exert over a narrative.

Gossip Girl was originally about human connections. Serena and Blair stage their own photo shoot. Histrionic, overachieving Blair was clearly the most compelling character of the central trio, but the show was aligned along the moral compass offered by friendly, good-natured Serena and righteous, bootstrapping Dan: They provided the lesson at the end of the episode, and the heart.

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I am toying with the idea of continuing this as a series…showing other “important” dates throughout their relationship: Their first date was nothing short of a dare. The characters are not mine. I am just using them for some creative fun.

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Gossip Girl TV Series: In addition to being the protagonist of the original novels, she is the most widely publicized figure from the television series,[3][4] and the most critically acclaimed character of both. Cecily von Ziegesar, author of the series, has labeled Blair its most complex figure. As a result, her styles and outfits have received real-life coverage or recognition from various periodicals. Both the author and television actress have openly commented on the character’s motivations.

According to Meester, some of Blair’s biggest vices are her “insecurities” with regard to her social status, which often make her an overachiever.

Gossip Girl’s Lily & Rufus Are A Couple IRL And It Is Everything

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. What’s that you say? Seth and Blair are fictional characters and only the actors who played them, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, are holding hands and making plans?

chuck and blair dating in real life In Love with a Girl {Blair/Chuck} {Dan/Serena} – Gossip Girl Featuring my two favourite couples of Gossip Girl to the fabulous song of In Love with a girl by Gavin DeGraw.

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. There’s nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a good catfight and this could be a classic. It’s a sandwich, Chuck. Serena looked effing hot last night. There’s something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be You are deeply disturbed. And yet, you know I’m right. You’re telling me if you had the chance— Nate: I have a girlfriend.

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