The Greeks called this eastern Delta town, Bubastis. It was visited in the 5th century BC by the Greek historian Herodotus, who described the town as having a beautiful temple on low ground in the centre of the city and surrounded by tree-lined canals, giving it the appearance of being on an island. A stone paved road led from a Temple of Hermes to a huge carved gateway which dominated the entrance to the Temple of Bastet and inside was a shrine containing a statue of the goddess. Herodotus gave a vivid account of the annual festival of the goddess Bastet, when an estimated , Egyptian pilgrims would visit the site. Although it had been occupied as early as Dynasty IV through to the end of the Roman Period, the town reached its prominence during the Third Intermediate Period and in the Late period it was the capital of the 18th Lower Egyptian nome. Of the earliest remains, re-used blocks bearing the names of Dynasty IV kings have been found — Khufu and Khafre apparently began cult temples here. Tell Basta covers a large area, bisected by a road, with the sites of ka temples of Teti and Pepy I of Dynasty VI situated on the western side, but only a few of scattered remains of columns mark the structures which have almost entirely disappeared. An Old Kingdom cemetery has been uncovered near the northern edge of the site as well as an even earlier Protodynastic tomb. A heb-sed jubilee chapel built by Amenemhet III Dynasty XII shows that Tell Basta was in use during the Middle Kingdom and a mudbrick palace found on the north-eastern edge of the site in and thought to belong to this king, is currently being restored.

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For a list of the greatest works of visual art organized by rank, that is, with the artworks on the most lists at the top, go here. Robert Wetzel was excavating caves in the German Alps where people of the Aurignacian culture lived 45, , years ago during the Upper Paleolithic Era when he noticed something unusual. No further study occurred for 30 years when, in , Dr. Joachim Hahn was able to reassemble the ivory fragments into a standing figure with the characteristics of both a human and an animal specifically, a cave lion.

Hahn believed it was a male figure. Carbon dating of nearby organic material placed the approximate date of the figurine at 30, BCE.

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Hellenistic tetradrachm of Pyrrhos, King of Epeiros The Flan The flan is the metal blank upon which the design of the die is imprinted to produce a coin. Precious metal coins electrum, gold, and silver are said to be struck al pezzo It. Other coins, such as some later bronze issues, fall within a range of acceptable weights. These coins are struck al marco It. While the actual production of flans varied, they were made generally by pouring molten metal into a mold; many ancient coins extant today still show traces of this casting process.

Sometimes flans were cast in strips of round blanks connected by a narrow bridge, or sprue. These strips would be heated, each blank on the strip would be struck, and then the coins would be separated by removing the sprues. This production technique is particularly visible on certain issues of Magna Graecia, Sicily, Judaea, and Egypt under the Romans. Flans were also cast in particular shapes.

Some bronze coins have beveled or serrated edges, and various hammering, grinding, and polishing techniques were also used to prepare the flan. The grinding and polishing marks, visible on these finished coins, are known as adjustment marks. Previously circulating coins could be reused as ready made flans for a subsequent issue, which is called an overstrike; the previous issue is called an undertype.

Often, as in the case of the silver zuzim of Bar Kochba, which were overstruck on circulating Roman denarii and drachs, traces of the undertype remain, providing valuable evidence for patterns of coin circulation as well as for establishing relative chronology, especially for undated issues.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

Nov 16,  · If I’m not mistaken the new ties are ” wide. As far as dating ties, the label, serial number and width are probably the best indicators.

Readers are not provided with any defining details or with appropriate context as to just what Nephilim were. Readers are only instructed that sons of God coupled with daughters of The Daughters of Cain Male and female he created them. God then intervened against this perversion to the natural order of creation by restricting the life span of all forms of humankind to years, including the future posterity of the fallen angels and Nephilim.

The Giants Of Antiquity We must be clear on this point. The Old Testament, the Apocrypha, Josephus, the Gnostic gospels, and a myriad of other sources, all testify to the same. These giants, did indeed have a large impact on the evolution of both the antediluvian and postdiluvian worlds, but before we dig deeper into their legacy in ancient history, let us first quantify just what we mean by giants so as to better understand who these monsters were.

It is this obscure, ancient, antediluvian mysticism that has been reborn in our generation, to a frightful level of hidden authority and power, breathing new life to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Let us once more fall back to the Legends of the Craft preserved by the Masonic Brotherhood. As we learned in chapter two, the Seven Sacred Sciences taught to Enoch And Hermes Thoth was the keeper of the magical arts that made him the Master of the Gods, the one who revealed all knowledge of the Seven Sacred Sciences and religion to humankind.

Thoth, too, was regarded to be the deity credited with being the god of wisdom, the inventor of letters and writing.

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Fashion experts, sociologists and other professionals have been contemplating the tie for years and how it has somehow become the pinnacle of business attire. Of course, this is only a brief overview of the history as entire books have been dedicated to the subject of the evolution of neckwear. Ancient Egyptian Isis Knot The Birth of the Tie If we go back four thousand years to ancient Egypt, we can examine the necks of many Pharoahs and notice broad ties adorned with precious stones wrapped around their necks.

Interestingly, some the figures have what appears to be scarves draped around their necks. Many of the imperial legionaries have these decorated scarves tucked into their cast armor whereas others simply have them tied, reminiscent of the American Frontier. As such, it seems that scarves were not worn by the general public but only by soldiers as a badge of honor.

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The Lightning Thief Perseus “Percy” Jackson is introduced as a troubled year-old boy who is an astounat with dyslexia , which makes it hard for him to read, and ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , which makes it hard for him to pay attention. He has been kicked out of every single school he has gone to. He has few friends at the school, his best friend being Grover Underwood , a satyr half human, half goat disguised as a human.

Dodds, his pre-algebra teacher, witnesses the whole scene and tells him to follow her into the museum for a “talk. However, when Percy returns to the bus and asks his classmates, nobody remembers Mrs. The only person that may remember her was Grover, who always hesitated before he answered. Everybody else believed her name was Mrs. Percy asks what just happened, and Mr. Brunner says he saw nothing and that Percy should bring his own things to write with in the future.

Percy asks his classmates about it, but they act like there was never any “Mrs. Percy sees that Grover is lying when he hesitates whenever Percy mentions “Mrs. Percy overhears Grover and Mr.

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It opens with a realistic orange scent, like peeling a juicy orange. Like eating a fresh orange after a rainstorm. I find it very uplifting. It is also subtle, which I appreciate. Where has this been all my life!? I can’t believe this fragrance came out 12 years ago.

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It is one such image, that of “magician”, which is the subject of this thesis. Given this contrast between the archetype as such and the archetypal image in which it finds cultural expression, “the magician” might better be regarded as an archetypal image than as an archetype itself. Jungian usage is, however, inconsistent on this point and because one so often sees the magician referred to directly as an archetype,10 I have adopted this usage for my thesis.

This seems the simpler and more straight-forward course. What needs to be insisted on, however, it that there is something still deeper behind the image of the magician, something itself unknown, which expresses itself in the psyche as “magician”. One of the archetypes that is almost invariably met with in the projection of unconscious collective contents is the “magic demon” with mysterious powers. It would be interesting, but beyond the scope of this thesis, to explore Jung’s ideas about archetypes in general and perhaps to defend Jung against various misunderstandings.

In particular, the common assumption that Jung is a kind of Lamarckian who believes in the inheritance of acquired ideas would be worth refuting since this misinterpretation has interfered with Jung’s acceptance in many scientific circles. But since others have written about this elsewhere14 I propose to leave this issue aside. In addition to the concepts of archetype and archetypal image, the concept of symbol will also be important for this thesis. The word “symbol” is based on the Greek symbolon, from sym, “together,” and bolon or ballein, “to throw or fit.

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Problems playing this file? He wrote, “we’ve never disputed that she carries it all off in a fashion that’s frank, fearless and unashamedly fun. Luke’s production and the song’s chorus.

Hermès introduced their tie collection in In addition to both silk twill and heavy silk collections, the company also produces gavroches, pochettes and novelty styles. They release 30 silk twill designs each collection – including reprints of earlier designs in new colorways.

Beddru Flemming has already admitted his mistake on this one. It may be a corruption or variation of the name “Buddha” therefore perhaps Chinese or Indian in origin but that is just speculation. In an interview for the “Rational Response Squad” Flemming admits he should not have included this one: It’s in a background graphic And that’s a mistake, that shouldn’t be in there.

What I did is I cut and pasted from a list of gods that I was researching to find out were these true or were they not, and I should not have put that one on the list. Kersey Graves appears to have made that up. And so people who say, you know, ‘Kersey Graves is full of crap’ and this Beddru thing, he only knows about it, it’s probably false, they’re actually right. And I’m going to change that in the second edition of the DVD.

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In May I bought the edt in a dutyfree and it was SO watered down that I could not detect it and others around me could not either, had to return it. I was so disappointed that I went to a nearby sephora to tragically testify that it was just the same. Hermes either reformulated this or people are storing this fragrance in bad conditions because citrus based fragrances are very sensitive, for now, I will opt for the first guess because there does not seem to be a coincidence of smelling this and be the same in different countries.

If this is true, Terre d’hermes is dead and will be sorely missed. But also, what to talk about Terre d’Hermes that probably has not been said exhaustively? This is the type of perfume that has gained its status in the perfumery culture so that its aroma, its technical aspects and its occasions of use have been thoroughly covered.

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Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong. Live with Donovan Sharpe. You can follow him on Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram. We talked about all the usual ancillary topics—jobs, money, future plans etc. She shook her head and put away her phone. When I asked her, she relayed a story I would never forget. Virgin bride Pam was raised in Baltimore by her grandparents who were the embodiment of old school traditionalists.

They were God-fearing people and their lifestyle and house rules reflected it: The plan was for D. Pam admitted that she was absolutely smitten by D. A week after graduation Pam and D. Separation Over the next few years Pam and D. As was always the case with military families they moved around quite a bit but according to Pam they loved it.

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Am I a troubled kid? Yeah, you could say that. He is currently in a relationship with Annabeth Chase.

A picture FRAME is a decorative edging for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, intended to enhance it, make it easier to display or protect it.

Section 2 4 The Greeks in Egypt. Introduction The direct influence of Ancient Egyptian literature on Archaic Greece has never been fully acknowledged. Greek philosophy in particular of the Classical Period has -especially since the Renaissance- been understood as an excellent standard sprung out of the genius of the Greeks, the Greek miracle. Hellenocentrism was and still is a powerful view, underlining the intellectual superiority of the Greeks and hence of all cultures immediately linked with this Graeco-Roman heritage, such as Alexandrian Judaism , Eastern Christianity but also Islam via Harran and the translators.

Only recently, and thanks to the critical-historical approach , have scholars reconsidered Greek Antiquity, to discover the “other” side of the Greek spirit, with its popular Dionysian and elitist Orphic mysteries, mystical schools Pythagoras , chorals, lyric poetric, drama, proze and tragedies. Nietzsche, who noticed the recuperation of Late Hellenism by the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, simplistically divided the Greek spirit into two antagonistic tendencies: For him, Apollo was a metaphor for the eternalizing ideas, for the mummification of life by concepts, good examples and a life “hereafter”, “beyond” or “out there”.

A life here and now, immanent and this-life. And what about Judaism? The author s of the Torah avoided the confrontation with the historical fact that Moses, although a Jew, was educated as an Egyptian, and identified Pharaoh with the Crocodile, who wants all things for himself. It is precisely this influence of Greek thought on Judaism which triggered the emergence of revolutionary sects cf.

Qumran , solitary desert hermits and spirito-social communities, seeking to restore the “original” identity of the Jewish nation, as it had been embodied under Solomon and the first temple , and turned against the Great Sanhedrin of the temple of Jeruzalem. Ancient Egyptian civilization was so grand, imposing and strong, that its impact on the Greeks was tremendous.

In order to try to understand what happened when these two cultures met, we must first sketch the situation of both parties.

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A HANDKERCHIEF (also called handkercher or hanky) is a form of a kerchief, typically a hemmed square of thin fabric that can be carried in the pocket or purse, and which is intended for personal hygiene purposes such as wiping one’s hands or face, or blowing one’s nose.

Its southern boundary is the Sorong Fault system which is part of a major left-lateral fault system at the northern margin of the Australian plate. The southern part of the plate in eastern Indonesia has been neglected in most syntheses but includes some of the oldest rocks within the plate which are separated from remnant arcs of the Daito Ridge province of the northern Philippine Sea by the West Philippine Central Basin. The east Indonesian islands of the Halmahera-Waigeo region contain a good Mesozoic and Tertiary stratigraphic record indicating a long arc history for the southern part of the plate.

New palaeomagnetic data from these islands define two sub-areas: The area north of the fault records a long-term clockwise rotation history whereas that within the fault zone records local rotations interpreted as due to deformation at the plate edge. Rocks of Philippine Sea Plate origin within both areas record similar latitudinal shifts.

The rotation of the area north of the Sorong Fault is considered to represent the motion of the southern part of the Philippine Sea Plate.